Board of Trustees

Duties & Responsibilities

The Board of Trustees, on behalf of the Fellowship, has general charge of the property of the Fellowship, the conduct of all its business affairs, and the control of the administration.


Susan Englert, President
Charlie Mayfield, Vice President
Janet Werkman, Secretary
Marge Goka
Richard Govea
Phil Nies
Teresa Velasco


Susan Englert, President
Charlie Mayfield, Vice President
Janet Werkman, Secretary
Ignacio Lopez, Treasurer

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Building Fund

The Building Fund Committee serves as the custodian for the Building Fund, ensuring its protection over the long term. (See Article XVI of our Bylaws.)


The Facilities Committee helps the Board with negotiating our Facilities lease with the landlord. This includes lease amendments and lease renewals. Contact


The Finance Committee assists the Board with oversight of the Fellowship’s finances while fostering transparency and building confidence within the congregation. The committee provides reports to the Board for approval of the following: annual vision budget, securing insurance policy for the church, and arranging annual audit of financial records. Contact


The Committee on Ministry is responsible for assessing the health of all the ministries of the congregation and acts as support for the Minister. Contact


The Nominating Committee operates January through May and presents a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Trustees. The committee consists of three members of the Fellowship who are eligible to vote and who are not members of the Board. (See Article IX of our Bylaws.)

Task Forces

Governance Task Force

This task force will identify governance changes needed to align UUFS more with Governance by Policy, and step by step provide policy recommendations to the Board in order to establish an initial Board Policy Book.

Governance Model Overview and Organization Chart

Inspired by the book Governance and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership by Dan Hotchkiss, at a board retreat in August of 2015, Reverend Nina and the board agreed to begin the work of governance change to clarify roles and responsibilities and to define an organization that will sustain a growing congregation. The following documents provide more background and detail regarding that work.


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Bylaws & Policy Documents

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