June 10, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Ursula Gobets

The goal of the Circle Suppers program is social: we build community while making friends and enjoying the congeniality at a series of potluck gatherings. The program is open to members, staff, and friends of UUFS. Circle Suppers are held on the second Saturday of the month in private homes.

The lists of volunteer hosts for both groups are prepared by the coordinator with the aim of not having the same people attending together too often. Each host(ess) will contact the assigned guests, and give the choices of desired contributions, which are: appetizers, salad, main dish, side dishes, dessert, drinks, bread and butter. Changes from this format are possible, of course. Please list dietary restrictions or preferences – vegetarian, gluten-free, low salt or sugar, etc. – so that they may be accommodated if at all possible.

Please register for the Circle Suppers with Ursula Gobets, Coordinator, at circle@uufs.org, Please provide the names of attendees, and, if you are able to host, the maximum number of adults you can accommodate.