Community Marketplace Fundraiser Auction Closeout

The long-awaited final round of our auction is here, and it is our last chance to make our donations count before the end of the 2016-2017 fiscal year! Please submit your bids to by midnight Tuesday, June 20, 2017, after which time we will notify the winners. Payment must be made by June 30th, our fiscal year closeout. Happy Bidding!

Note: If you are planning to attend the fabulous and popular Summer Concert (item C1, tentatively planned for July 16) and buy your ticket that day, please consider paying now instead, as that will allow us to count the money in this fiscal year.

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A1. Framed Limited Edition Photographic Print by Gary W. Hartz

Title: Sunrise and Silhouettes at Shoreline, Mountain View, CA
Dimensions: 20-5/8″ X 29-1/2″

Description: Birds on old dock pilings, since decayed and gone, combine with early morning light and reflections in the water to make this beautiful, thoughtful print a calming influence for your space. Photo believed to be from the early 1990s. Gary was a past, very active UUFS member. A matted version of this print hangs prominently in Teri’s living room.
Donor:  Teri Wiss

Minimum Bid: $100

A2-A10. Istvan Magyar called Budapest, Hungary home. He was a foundling, adopted at age two, and believed to have been born in 1917. After elementary school he attended Teachers College for many years with others who would become artists and life-long friends. Istvan served as an officer with Germans on the Russian front, and later as the war fell apart, joined French soldiers who knew Switzerland (where he met his wife Cecile) was their way back to France.

Surely an artist at heart, he waited for retirement to explore and experiment with water colors, several of which we are lucky enough to have offered here, oils, including a glazing technique–a technique of masters, sculpture, and Japanese garden design.
Donor: Cecile Magyar

A2. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Wooden Decoys
Dimensions: 11″ X 15″

Minimum Bid: $40





A3. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Old Windmill, Bulgaria
Dimensions: 11″ X 15″

Minimum Bid: $40






A4. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Winter Scene
Dimensions: 15″ X 20″

Minimum Bid: $60




A5. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Yosemite Waterfall
Dimensions: 19″ X 15″

Minimum Bid: $60






 A6. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Mendocino
Dimensions: 16″ X 20″

Minimum Bid: $60





 A7. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Bodie, California
Dimensions: 16″ X 20″

Minimum Bid: $60





A8. Un-matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Yellow Iris
Dimensions: 11″ X 15″

Minimum Bid: $20







A9. Matted Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Bayou, Louisiana
Dimensions: 11″ X 15″

Minimum Bid: $40





A10. Matted and Framed Watercolor by artist Istvan L. Magyar

Title: Bodie, California
Dimensions: 13 1/2″ X 17 1/2″

Minimum Bid: $70







B1. Men’s Seiko Watch

Classic and stunning, this beautiful and well-cared-for grey steel dress watch would make the perfect Father’s Day gift!
Donor: Margaret Lawson

Minimum Bid: $35







B2-B4. Offset Lithograph Prints by artist Shepherd Fairey

These striking images by artist Shepherd Fairey, made famous by his inspiring and iconic prints created for the 2008 presidential campaign for Barack Obama, were made for the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, DC. This is an artist whose unique style and subject matter evoke hope, passion, and pride. Each (unsigned/unnumbered) print is matted and framed.

Donor: Michelle Laasi
Dimensions: 24″ X 36″

Minimum Bid: $25
Quantity: 1 each


B2 Title: “We The People Are Greater than Fear”

B3 Title: “We the People Defend Dignity”

B4 Title: “We the People Protect Each Other”



B7. Limited Edition UUFS Community Marketplace T-shirts

These white 100% cotton Tees have our UUFS Chalice on the left breast and “I Support UUFS” “Community Marketplace” and “Love, Financial Health, Joy” on the back.

Available Sizes

Children’s: M (2 available)
Women’s: L (4 available — these run small, closer to an M)
Men’s: L (5 available)
Men’s: XL (3 available)

Minimum Bid: $15



Events are a wonderful way, especially as a newer member, to make and deepen friendships.

C1. UUFS Summer Concert 2017

A spectacular and fun-filled event that has become an annual favorite. You won’t want to miss the exciting performances presented by UUFS Musical Director Alan Herrmann and a select group of talented singers and musicians.
Donor: Alan Herrmann

When: Tentative date July 16, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
Where: The Chapel

Minimum Bid: $20

C2. Musical Evening for Adults who are Tonally Challenged

Do you love singing but sing off-key? Come to a musical session with others who are also tonally challenged and let your inner voice ring out! Bring your camp songs, your favorite song, your ukulele or bongo drums, or just yourself, and join Dick, Janice, Mike & Annie for a fun-filled afternoon or evening. On-key singers are also welcome, but must be willing to sing along with those of us who sing off-key. Juice, wine, and cookies will fuel our musical festivities.
Donors: Dick & Janice Wentz and Annie & Mike Kolar

Where: Janice and Dick Wentz’s home
When: January 20, 2018, Time TBD

Minimum Bid: $15
Quantity: 10 spots originally available, only 5 left

C3. Lunch With a Poem at the Mordan’s

Join us as each person brings a poem, either an original or one written by a favorite author (we love Billy Collins), and read it aloud to the group. You will undoubtedly be surprised by the wide variety and unique poetic styles, topics, and sentiments you will discover in this casual and fun lunchtime event.
Donors:  Kris and Bill Mordan

Where: Kris & Bill Mordan’s home
When: August 5, 2017, 12:00 p.m.

Minimum Bid: $25
Quantity: 8 Spots originally available, only 5 left

C4. Mexican Train Party

Learn to play this fun, domino-style game and enjoy a  Mexican-inspired lunch with UUFS friends or soon-to-be friends.
Donor: Janice Wentz

Where: The Wentz’s home
When: August 19, 2017, time TBD

Minimum Bid: $15
Quantity: 10 spots originally available, only 3 left

C5. Afternoon Tea with Peter’s Homemade Scones and Jam

Join us for melt-in-your-mouth scones and oh-so-yummy jam. You are  in for a treat at this delightful afternoon tea and social.
Donors: Anouchka Gaillard and Peter Maxwell

Where: Anouchka & Peter’s home
Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Minimum Bid: $20
Quantity: 6 spots originally available, only 2 left

C6. Vintage Board Game Party

Test your smarts with “Go to the Head of the Class” or “Trivial Pursuit,” or build your own empire playing classic Monopoly. Other vintage games are also available, should they strike player’s fancy. Join the fun. Prizes will be awarded and casual refreshments served.
Donor: Karen Enz

Where: Karen’s & Ginger’s home
Date: October 7, 2017, Time TBD

Minimum Bid: $15
Quantity: 8 spots originally available, 6 left